FAQs from our future Oak Brook neighbors

The Butler is committed to becoming a pillar of the Oak Brook community. As we navigate the zoning approval process, we recognize our future neighbors have questions.

Where is The Butler?

The Butler will be constructed directly across the street from the current Nordstrom building within Oakbrook Center Mall, next to the office building with the “Citibank” logo on its side.

How tall is The Butler?

The Butler's current plan calls for 22 stories of luxury residences as well as communal amenities, including a fitness center and terrace pool.

Why are we excited about The Butler?

The Butler residences are high-end luxury homes; our residents will be affluent buyers seeking luxury and convenience. We expect that many current residents of Oak Brook and the surrounding suburbs may choose to downsize. The Butler offers a solution that will allow our neighbors to stay in Oak Brook. It will become a natural transition from other locations within the village and attract new residences, creating an even more thriving community.

How will The Butler contribute to the community of Oak Brook?

The Butler's iconic design adds to the majestic Oak Brook skyline, while adding an option for living. This new development will uphold long term residents in Oak Brook, while attracting new. Maintaining and growing the current village population while positively affecting business, schools, churches and the local economy.

Will The Butler help to increase my property value?

The Butler's luxury residences are 100 percent condominium; our residents will be owners. Lucien Lagrange Studio, the architecture firm behind the design, has recently designed luxury condominiums in other Chicago suburbs and has seen an increase in the surrounding property value when a luxury condo product hits the market.

How will The Butler affect traffic in our community?

Nestled adjacent to Oakbrook Center mall, The Butler will be located in an area that is designed for high traffic volume. It is not expected to significantly impact current traffic flows. The Butler will also have 225 indoor parking spaces, so residents' cars will not congest nearby parking lots.

How will The Butler affect our schools?

We do not expect a high concentration of school-aged children to live at The Butler. That said, we welcome residents of all ages, so it is possible there may be a few children whose families own homes at The Butler who then attend the local public school districts.

When can I move in?

The Butler is currently under review by the Village of Oak Brook; we hope to have zoning approval this fall, so condominium sales can begin. Our goal is to break ground in summer 2019 for delivery in 2021.

Where are you in the approval process for The Butler?

The project has been submitted to the Oak Brook Village Board, and is undergoing zoning approval. Plans for The Butler were first unveiled in early 2018 and were discussed in an Oak Brook Village Board meeting in July 2018. We recorded questions and concerns and are addressing them.

In an August 14 meeting, the Village Board discussed the updates to the Commercial Area Revitalization Plan (CARP), which may impact the approval process for The Butler. We have submitted a permit application to village staff for review, which will take place the week after Labor Day.

Once accepted, the matter will go to the Planned Development Commission (PDC) for hearing and consideration. The PDC will hold a meeting on October 25 to review the plan, and then make a recommendation to the Village Board, which has final say. We expect plans to be approved in the fall of 2018, with groundbreaking in 2019

How will this development impact Oak Brook's retail?

The village is encouraging multi-story developments to increase the number of village residents within close proximity to its world-class retail. Located just steps away from Oakbrook Center, The Butler will be home to many regular customers of the mall and its high-end dining and entertainment options.

What is the design strategy for The Butler?

The Butler will retain the sophistication typical of Oak Brook's residential developments. The architect, world-renowned Lucien Lagrange, has redefined elegant living with his designs of Park Tower, 65 East Goethe, and the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago—and soon, The Butler.

Overall, what has been the community response?

We've received positive support from the Chamber of Commerce and local Oak Brook community leaders who see the potential of this development to help Oak Brook transition into a 21st century center of commerce. Of course, we understand a few people will have concerns about such a significant addition to the village. We've listened to their opinions carefully, and we will always be available to answer questions, provide additional details, and discuss why we believe The Butler will be a natural and compelling addition to the Oak Brook community.

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